The Arbor

by Andrew Preston

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Use headphones for the best listening experience. <3
All songs written, produced, performed, and edited by Andrew Preston


released July 21, 2014

Gianluca D'Orazio - vocals on "Gray"
Frère De Song - vocals on "Gray"
Chloe Mills - narration on "Sonegow"
Emily Mills - vocals on "The Desperate Voice of Paula Sandwill" and "Gray"
Gianelli Pizarro - vocals on "Malachi and Lola"
Brenda Preston - vocals on "Welcome to The Arbor!"
Wyatt Smith - whistling on "Bedweather"


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Andrew Preston Kentucky

Experimental music with a folksy flare. Frontman of The Woodsheep.

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Track Name: Welcome to The Arbor!
Track Name: Tiny Green Bucket
Tiny Green Bucket, what were you holding
to've made someone drop you and leave you behind?
I will retrieve you and fill you with water,
and sprinkle my garden with contentment and pride.

Nobody knows just what you mean to me.
Nobody knows where you're from or where you'll be, but...
Track Name: Wires Fray
Don't listen to the wire.
Cold, no texture on the surface.
I incorrectly guessed a cable
to conduct electricity.

Couldn't even start a fire.
No fishing pole in sight.
Couldn't strum to make a tune.
What the hell is the use?

I took some time to listen closely,
high on the wire with balance, poses,
the camera will flash,
wires thin as eyelashes,
don't fall.
Don't fall.
Maybe someday when the wires fray,
while tangled amongst the pieces,
and I know I won't get shocked.
So don't fall.
Don't fall.

I came upon the wire.
Cold, no texture on the surface.
Didn't mean to make me nervous.
I think I'll take it in this time.
Track Name: Redwood
I met a man at the age of nineteen,
red as a wildfire,
strong as a king.
Together we sewed
our seedling as deep
as our roots would take us,
and our hands would reach.

Oh, redwood, if I could tear you down I would, I would.
Oh, redwood, I should.
But you're here with me for good.

In the recess of a downpour,
our pride and joy grew,
And in the arbor, we slept,
aloft in the dew.
I woke and I wept,
I knew not he'd live on.
The redwood, it stands,
long after you've gone.

I don't know if I'd miss the shade of the wood,
or the endlessness of your eyes.
Sometimes I think that I was born for the road.
But if ever I travel, I turn
to my haven, so pristine.
The sturdy, the tall, wild,
my angel,
And it's no good, Redwood.
Track Name: Ube and Pumpkin
I was told long, long ago by the mountain
who lent me her comfort,
this professor of dirt,
that, to walk through the canyon with anguish in mind,
spread your ears and inhale.

I want sweet and soft again,
so I can melt like ube and pumpkin.

Be very fond of trees,
for they are not confrontational.
They will surely bend with you.
The doll in the sky who whistles between her teeth,
oh, she asked me to sing.
Track Name: Luna Moth
Luna Moth, do ever wonder what you are?
Wrought with silence, forged in the light of a moonless sky.
Incandescent, infused your wings with Saturn rings and stolen satellites.
and I will watch you fly.
I will watch you fly.

Luna Moth, do you ever crave a steady ground?
Pining for a fluttering light from a human eye,
walking soft as wings emit a lamplight and guide your way
for I long to fly like you.
Do you ever want that too?

Luna Moth, drifting slow,
Will we ever know?
Will we ever know?
Track Name: Bedweather
If the day brings you bedweather,
search to and fro.
For only the simplest pleasure
migrates the soul.
The captain may call your name,
but whether you go
is up in the air,
the ocean is open.

Take up the moonlight's function,
split the night in two,
glide like a silver smoke,
illuminate the truth
for an unsuspecting lovebird,
just frightened of the heart.
They'll take your hand
and take a stroll with you.

Meander like a mother's lullaby,
meet a seagull, take him for a ride.
When day brings you bedweather,
if the night makes you blue,
then mirror the sunlight's saunter,
the dusk will evade you.

If the day brings you bedweather,
drink up the mind.
Revel in the temperature,
waltz with the time.
If the day brings you bedweather,
leave the quilt askew,
and mind your reflection,
to share the bedweather with you.
Track Name: Stick Figure
I'm a stick figure in this song,
but, to you, I have been all along.
On a white backdrop, a callow clump of lines.
Some are curved and some are bent,
inorganic ink therein.
I'm a stick figure in this song,
and, to you, I have been all along.
Track Name: I'll Be Your Doorman
I'll be your doorman.
I won't let the bad folks in.
I'll be your guard dog,
you can sleep at ease, my friend.
If a sweet-tooth, uncouth prowler heads your way,
adieu a vous,
I will avert the threat, I say,
ain't nothing taking you away.

Oh, I am nothing without you.
It's true, I am nothing without you.

I'll be your doorman,
there's no need for lock and key.
Answer only salesmen with your interest in mind,
keep your doorstep clean.
Got me weak kneed, I'm nothing without you.
I'll be your doorman if you'll be my doorman too.
Track Name: Malachi and Lola
Malachi, Lola,
Paint me something good, you say?
Paint me something beautiful.
Elegant, graceful.
Darling, paint me anything but blue.

When the colors dull,
the canvas torn,
your hands are stained and dry.
Lay your brush aside for now,
the sweetest colors are in your eyes.
Track Name: Calloway
When he came to me,
He brought me a cactus spine-
a rose, I called it.
Oh, those lonely eyes...
Well, they wrecked me like a windstorm.
My sweetest flower in the wild,
won't you come to my side?

Might have been blinded
when I decided
that nature itself had meant for us to try this.
But if you ever feel like you're
blowing back my way,
I'm always yours, darling.
I'm always yours, Calloway.

I said no earthquake shall stop me,
my naivety unbound,
but as the lantern wanes,
tear my roots from the ground.
To my imagination,
I will bid fare thee well
Oh Calloway, it's true.
This heart has never been so blue.
Track Name: One Rose
There was one lonesome rose,
weeping silent and somber,
and if only she knew where the birds would wander
arms full of roses red,
they took to the sky,
beguiled the soil, the seeds were sewn,
her roots were carried far and wide.

One rose, the fallen petals fly,
carelessly they've fluttered by,
a garden late to bloom.
If only she'd have seen it, too.

There was one lonesome rose,
planted carefully neath the garden vines,
though she longed to flourish unrestrained,
within that house, we know her pride.

One rose had wilted by the door,
I'll keep it open evermore.
A garden late to bloom.
If only she'd have seen it, too.
Track Name: Coconut Bridge
Take me down to Coconut Bridge.
Lift me up to the palm trees.
Read me a poem by Sylvia Plath,
let me analyze that.

Take me down to Coconut Bridge.
Take off our clothes and run around naked,
keep our beards big and show off our anchor tattoos.
Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Take me down to Coconut Bridge.
Print me deep notes in a font that I love.
I'll roll them up in a pretty bottle
with a cork,
send it out to sea.

And maybe someday
someone from Nantucket, Delfino, or the Bermuda Triangle
will read our faded ink
and learn that our fun cannot end at Coconut Bridge.

When you take me down to coconut Coconut Bridge!
Track Name: The Valve
Track Name: Sonegow
Suddenly, the Sonegow arrives!

Sonegow, the dandelion puff, encounters Ruth.
She smiles gently.

Track Name: The Desolate Voice of Paula Sandwill
Oh, the bravest sing,
when the lamplight feigns
all the glory that she set in stone.
Like a marionette casting cobalt breath-
tell the story of the Daniel's Creek rose.

Even the shadows remember that scarlet hair,
worn tightly like a soldier's helm.
And from her aged lips,
not a moment's rest-
a spout of poems from a well.

When the morning rang, and her darling waned
at the mercy of a pillager's cold steel,
and the hapless few,
in the town, they knew,
would be burning in the hands of Paula Sandwill.

On that eve of blood, bereft of love,
and the poor soul's heart in her hands,
she set alight, with a passion unsightly,
surrendered to the devil's plan.

Now in hindsight she bellows a scorned widow's song,
no regret, only soft, soft contempt.
She said, “no human soul, beast or God
shall silence Paula Sandwill's hymn.”

And the children gather curiously,
in the morn at the bottom of the hill.
To hear, they thought, what her torment begot...
the desolate voice of Paula Sandwill.
Track Name: Umbrella Ferns
Lay me to rest once more.
Brother, I'm calling for you.
The salience of closing doors,
the perennial shelter of the early hours.
Bury us again neath umbrella ferns.

Under rainfall, they have kept us.
Sentinels, ever vigilant.
Bury us again neath umbrella ferns.
Track Name: Gray
O Gray of soul, you've risen now;
shook the core, the County's bow.
The Lord shall linger, victory raw,
whom took the child to prove the God.

Extract the few discerning eyes
to forge the reins of mechanized lie,
for time is spent to quench His thirst.
We prayed the Gray had took it first.

Hung so heavy, steel and bold,
though now he sleeps,
imbued the whole,
the scholars, we, who in his stead,
will never still, will never rest.

And as I tremble in His palm,
the mountain weeps.
The child is gone.
Forget the sky, to Earth I pray
for mountains steeped in deepest Gray.

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