A Collection of Songs, 2006​-​2013

by Andrew Preston

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I've been writing folk music and recording it in my bedroom since 2006. This is the result.
All songs written, recorded, produced, and edited by Andrew Preston


released August 9, 2013

Brenda Preston - vocals on "Cats Cats Cats"
Dan Huff - production on "The Sailors" and "Man Outside The Window"



all rights reserved


Andrew Preston Kentucky

Andrew is a former psychologist folk musician with a passion for experimentation. He is half of The Woodsheep.

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Track Name: Cats Cats Cats
Track Name: The Sailors
"Don't let the moon get you down."
"That peculiar moon just knows how to frown."
On their fingertips was secured a string,
so they didn't forget the fibs they'd foreseen.

The sailor was sinking, his words left unsaid.
He pleaded a promise, regrettably dead.
And yet, he had the most beautiful eyes.

We were the sailors, the sins of the sea.
By breath of the wind, we drifted away.
Hid our halos as midnight took flight,
but it fell from the sky.
My love, I believe you were a lie.

The sailors were swallowed in the maelstrom that night.
In these parts, you see, hurricanes aren't polite.
The ship then condemned, he whispered a lie,
said, "we are in love, and all will be fine."

He's too much of a coward to croon out his faith.
He's much too irate to believe in a fate.
That afterward calm harbored no hope,
for midnight was fancy that sank like a boat.

We were the sailors, the sins of the sea;
Men of shame is all we will be.
I prayed my moon would never let go,
but it fell from the sky.
My love, I believe you were a lie.
Track Name: Madman
I think it's cute when your face is furry.
To get to my heart, you filled up my tummy.
Leave it to you to spark this stupid song.
I couldn't find your favorite flowers, so I made origami ones.

When you're gone and the rain starts falling,
pretend we're safe below a parasol for two.
Just a couple of lovesick buddies.
It's as true as the sky is blue,
I'm a madman for you.

Your hugs put me to sleep, cuz your belly is soft.
You put hickies on my neck just to piss me off.
When your dog liked me, and my cat liked your boots,
well, that's the moment I was positive that I wanted you.
Track Name: When It All Fades To Blue
February left us, the books will soon forget us,
the pages turn on in my soul.
The night comes clean with prayer,
but, my beauty, if you’re scared,
just remember in the morning, I will hold you.

I miss you, my songbird,
when the sun peaked in my blue-lit room.
There was nothing more at ease.
There was nothing more at peace.

Sway with me for another long while, my angel.
I miss you the most when it all fades to blue.

The limbs bend in the breeze, 'fore branches break, they shed their leaves.
As the swan sings, our feeble hands grow thin.
With yesterday awake, and as the pale dusk slips away,
I long for alabaster wings once again.

Oh, I miss you my darling
When the sun peaks in my blue, blue room.
Beneath the blanket of dawn,
I‘m still so in love,
so close your eyes and
sway with me, just one more time, my angel.
I miss you the most when it all fades to blue.
Track Name: I Want To Hear You Sing
If I go blind, will you open the door, baby?
If I lose my legs, will you help me through?
If I lose my ears to some great sound,
down in the hollow, in the dark surrounding,
I will feel no pain
if I can hear you sing.

If I get lost, will you go a-lookin‘ for me?
If my heart is cold, will you take me down alone,
down to the edge of the woods and give me a taste
of that voice bouncing out of your pretty face,
and I will feel no shame
if I can hear you sing.

Oh me oh my my my
I don’t need much more than this.
Got my sun, moon, the sea and stars in your soul.
No need for gold and glitz
No, they don’t mean a thing.
Oh baby, I just want to hear you sing.

If I lose my voice, will you still listen?
If I lose my words, will you still hear?
If I lose my ears to some great sound,
down in the hollow, in the dark surrounding,
I won't need a thing.
Oh baby, I just want to hear you sing.
Track Name: Willametta Road
There, the foliage blended with her hair,
water laps against the flowers.
There, in the deepest depths of nowhere,
there is Willametta Road.

There, besieged by beautiful briars.
A hollow of disrepair.
Between unconscious and aware,
and no one knows where it goes.

They said to me, “I don’t know where it goes,
so defy not the Lord to follow your ghosts.
I glanced into Hell where the earth swallowed my soul.
And they whispered to me, “I don’t know where it goes.”

There, where once grew traffic lights,
where lies what's left of the sky.
When the world was on our side,
I left that girl all alone.

There, in the deepest depths of that place,
where the honeysuckles are fake,
there, at six, just after we wake,
they walked to Willametta Road.

They heard from there, no one comes home.
So defy not the Lord to follow your ghosts.
They heard the road was made all wrong.
And they whispered to me, “If you follow, you will fall.”

They said to me, “God makes no mistakes.”
You failed the Lord when you led her to this place.
Relinquished to Hell, as the earth swallowed my hope,
And they whispered to me, “I don’t know where it goes.”
Track Name: Little Old Man
Little old man in his little old pickup truck.
St. Bernard besides him in the seat.
Going on his way, almost noon, to the post office.
Stoppin' by the market to pick him out some fruit.

Hustle and bustle in the town.
Picks out a crate of oranges.
Two cents a pound,
takes the oranges home.
One rolls out the back of the pickup truck and tumbles
on its melancholy way
down the dusty market road.

Little old man turns the truck around,
didn't make it very far,
had to stop to get the orange.
Puts it back into the crate,
heads back down the road,
to the post office late,
going to go to check the mail.

He finishes his business,
didn't have any letters.
So excited to enjoy the oranges he had bought!
He returns to his truck
heads in the general direction
of his home down the road.

They came to a fence-
an unnecessary fence.
Only three feet wide in the center of a field
easily scalable,
easily passed by,
and flimsy enough to level 
with very little effort.

He didn't harm the tiny fence, without a doubt.
Ain't that a nice thing to think about?
Track Name: City of Glass
Track Name: Nos Quedamos
Standing in fear at the face of the lion.
Tear out the free-verse and beat it with rhyme.

They want to hear us play something safe,
sing “Amazing Grace” in seventeen different ways.

Signal hellfires,
ring the sirens.
We are breaking, waters rising.
If I fall, oh, heed my warning.
After me, there will be more.
Nos quedamos, we remain.

Standing ground in the face of the ant,
watch it crawling up, push it down with their hands.

But we are the ants and we are the lions,
carry them off and look them straight in the eyes.
Track Name: The Apple Tree
I am a tree towered in the sky.
I am perched in the mountains with the sun in my eyes.
I sprouted apples that were far too sweet,
so winter cut me before I sank too deep.
I am a breeze washing through the sea,
some might think me an emissary,
in my breath, a somber relief,
I prepare for the frost to enrapture the tree.

But under the dirt lies another tree,
sprouting silent like a ghost in its grave.
And when it’s there, it will always be.
Try as she might, she will never forget me.

In the spring, our seedlings rose,
a baby boy bluebird chirping his poems,
I felt my roots burrowing down,
I won't ever be lost, if never I'm found.

One day my roots will rip from the ground,
too many years frozen, too many times drowned.
But please don’t interfere with our blend,
don’t so quickly condemn what you don’t comprehend.
Oh, we are frail,my branches fell.
Track Name: Lady In The Graveyard
There's a lady in the graveyard, smoking in the rain.
Cellophane silk like a ribbon in her hair.
Nobody has died that she knew of.
She simply likes the rainfall when it's there.

I invited her into my former bedroom.
My old toys stared a hole into the calm.
It was there that the lady in the graveyard,
sat me down and showed me I was wrong.

She said,

“I know where I like. I know where I want to be.”
And there in the night, I am cold and concealed.
An epitaph arrives in the early morning light
to tell them I've resigned
with the lady in the graveyard in my mind.

Not soon after we had signed the letters,
to adhere my sunken state to her bones,
they found what's left of me dwindling down, down, down,
and I bellow,

“I know what I like. I know where I want to be.”
And there in the night, I am cold and concealed.
An epitaph arrives in the early morning light
to tell them I've resigned
with the lady in the graveyard in my mind.

Hold my head when the day is done.
She had to go somewhere I don't know.
And when she's gone I am alone.
And they will come for me.
Track Name: Mariah's Song
Track Name: Hero of Clay
Me and my button eyes,
cotton sighs,
stand conquered at the stairs.
To climb up would be unwise,
but I do it anyway,
like a hero of clay.

I can’t read the words.
I can’t tell time.
I ain’t never known my soul
but I can still do what’s right.
Left my sins on the edge of a blade,
like a hero of clay.

I was a hero of clay.
They were all just distant days.
Yes, and I will see it all again someday.

Found my sword in an apple,
stole my shield from The Book.
I hadn’t grown my own eyes when first took a look.
You wrote every page for me,
like a hero of clay.

When the clocks were a lie,
and the eagles all were doves.
and nothing existed, and it all just was.
With the fire still alive,
burning in the shed,
when it’s cold as cold outside.
Like the flame in the forest,
come a-bringing me down.
Need a hero to save me,
There ain’t no one around.
Oh, when you feel this alone,
when you can’t be that brave,
just be what they made you,
a hero of clay.
Track Name: Man Outside The Window
The world is ending.

There is a man outside my window.
I fear not the sounds he’s got-
The distant humming of a war,
the silenced voice of God.

His face is full of anger.
He seeks one who prays.
One who covets his secrets;
One who craves his defects.

We've come too far.
The signs are in the stars.
Told myself to calm my mind,
but he‘s been here all this time.

I wonder where we are?
The sky is laced in tar.
I count my days so please, please forgive me, Father.
I am falling apart.
The world is bright tonight,
but I still hide my eyes.

There is a man outside my window.
I feel him peer inside my home.
The glass was foggy once,
but now the dust is gone.

There is a man outside my window.
I find his body quite absurd.
I saw it rising from the dirt,
though I create what makes him work.

If I were God, I would know who to save.
If I lost my eyes, I would always be safe.
If I give myself up, I won't have to wait
for the fire to crack the panes of glass,
and the man outside my window will fly away.
Track Name: Dinosaur Footprint
Lost in my tracks,
ahead of the pack.
A dinosaur footprint on the sea,
all alone, endlessly.

Firefly nights.
Just some kids, let them be.
Preservation dies.
Escapist atrophy.
All alone, endlessly.

The water in the sea,
it feels so free.
The forest swallows me,
the skin unfolding in the breeze.

The turtle is gone.
Ran away.
Set him free.
Tomorrow we'll go out and play.
Track Name: My Ceiling Is A Hand
My ceiling is a hand.
Give it a smile and it shakes my hand.
Rise up from debris, detaches from me,
and subtly stands.

Then it's holding a gun to my head,
and it waves to me.
Delivers a sign, embezzles my mind,
falls down all around me.

He said he was starlight high.
Watching, I am, we're in the sky alive.

My ceiling is a hand.
Give it a smile and it shakes my hand.
It waves to me coldly,
says, "nice of you to know me!"
Right here where I stand,
under my ceiling, The Hand.
Track Name: Tell Me A Secret
Tell me a secret
and I’ll tell you one.
Just a whisper would be fine.
It’s too hard to keep it quiet.
It’s too hard to deny it because
you’re as cute as a kitten.
My dear, are you smitten?
I can see it in your smile.

We don’t need it all.
It’s simple to do.
We could run away,
just me and you.
Keep it to ourselves.
I see it in my sleep.
Cuddle as close to me as you can,
and tell me a secret.

It ain't hard to hide the signs.
I can be the king of telling lies, so
let me take you off to my sweet counterfeit kingdom.
And I hope to find you outside like a redwood tree,
growing tall, and strong, and wild, I wanna climb up where no one else can see.

Oh, take me down in the grass,
in those arms, on our backs,
bones to bones, my best friend,
I crave the shock within your kiss.
Tell me a secret,
no one has to know.
We can keep it all,
if we keep it low.
Track Name: Pretty Nobody
Don’t stray so far, far away by yourself,
come into the light again,
My comrade, my songbird, my friend.
My pretty nobody,
you’ve been traveling far, far away,
where no one calls your name,
when you’re senseless to the stars,
worthless to the wind,
you’ll be worth everything to me.
You’ll be worth everything to me.

I know the world seems so wide
Ten thousand oceans form a great divide.
I know the world seems so wide.
When you're on the other side.

If you submit to the whim of the waves, and
you feel like you’re drowning slowly, you’ll soon come to.
Though for now we’re rocks on the shore, and you’ll sink like a stone,
submerge into blue,
through an ocean of sighs, where the waves rise to high and push down everything around you,
for I’ll never leave you.

Sail your little boat right to me,
and crash into my shore.
No ocean will keep us apart.
No ocean has the nerve.
Track Name: The Railroad and The Warehouse
I’ve been entertaining thoughts of rolling on,
Let the steam engine go, take my bags off the lawn.
Last night I had a dream that I stepped on that train without you.
And I got scared.
Well I’ve been craving something new, wider spaces, brighter blues.
What if something happens to you while I’m gone?
But I’ve been entertaining thoughts of rolling on.

In the dark of the warehouse, sold our souls to Father Time.
Left your pictures on the wall, left my briefcase behind.
Left the one who kept my belly full,
apologies, the broken rules.
The railroad and the warehouse rolling by.

I won’t cry when she says goodbye,
when she wished me farewell with the sun in my eyes.
And I heard in the wind when the roof had caved in,
she won’t be there waiting when I come back again,
And in the rubble, just a winding down wheel.

Oh, I’ve been entertaining thoughts of rolling on.
Let the steam engine go, let the swan sing her song.
A pipe dream will pass, only if it outlasts, will I set sail.
Will I move on?
If I keep you in mind, will I satisfy my time,
Will her hand in my hand,
keep the fire alive?
I’ve been entertaining thoughts of rolling on.

An unfinished white horizon falls behind,
as I watch the the railroad and the warehouse rolling by.
Track Name: Bumbly Bees
Bumbly little baby bees,
buzzing blindly behind me.
Oh, fly, fly with me.

Somewhere, someone set them free.
Swaying softly through the breeze,
oh, fly, fly with me.
Oh, fly with me.
Track Name: The Ringmaster's Daughter
Track Name: The Bear and The Moon
A velvet breath, impalpable.
erupt in silk and wildfire.
A fistful of fur,
the scent beguiles the sidewinder.
He kicks, he bucks,
pining for the edge in the stillness,
Flash floods of luck,
I aim my arrow straight at the eye.

And when it comes to a halt
and the moon burns red,
the bear howls out tonight.

Underwater, I am timbered and taut
I am bleeding in the arms of a weary God.
No one else saw what the bear and the moon saw.
With the elegy secured with the tightrope,
reap my accolades of skin and soul.
No one else knows what the bear and the moon know.
Track Name: The Zoo
I want to go to the zoo, just like I always wanted to.
I want to go to the aquarium to see the fish swimming in the sun.
I want to go to the green house to crawl in the leaves and kiss my spouse.
I want to go to the pet shop to buy a new friend fifty cents off.
I want to go to the zoo, just like I always wanted to.
Track Name: Blackberries
How many lies will I tell to create?
How many tries 'fore my mama's heart breaks?
Someday 'fore I die, oh, I wish one more time,
to taste the blackberries' sweetness again.

I knew all along just what I should do.
I'm a man of the mind, I could tell you ain't true.
But I think you'll agree, when you're feelin' this free,
don't foresee that your hands will stain blue.

I've walked on neath the ageless sun,
while I wait for the day that my indigo fades,
but I'm prepared and I'm happy to
return to the patches
and I'd drink from the garden once again for you.

If I could go back, count my blackberries slow.
Savor the taste, for the gardener don't know.
She told me a lie, that this Eden won't die,
but our hearts are still aching alone.